WEst Wittering Primary School FPTA

Our wonderful FPTA family regularly get together for relaxed meetings at our local pub, The Old House At Home (pre and post-Covid).


They are always busy coming up with ever more ingenious ideas for school fundraising, and creating fun events for our pupils - from fairs to discos, film nights to family BBQs on the field, there is always something fun to look forward to. The school benefits so much from money raised at these events, and in the past the FPTA have contributed to tablets and laptops, school playground markings, library books, to name but a few things. And, it is down to the FPTA that we enjoy the luxury of having our own wonderful outdoor swimming pool for pupils to use.


As a small school, we rely on as much involvement and input as possible from our families, so you would be guaranteed a very warm welcome if you were able to come and join in the fun. 

hollie liz sg.jpg

Who are you going to call? WW FPTA!

FPTA photo op courtesy of the wonderful Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team.

em t nick.jpg

Mr Matthews, Mrs Bowman and Miss De Jesus anxiously waiting to see who is voted for the gunge tank drop...

Mr M beans.jpg

...Of course, it was Mr Matthews who got the most votes! All in a good cause, Mr Matthews!


Mrs Green. poised for action on gate duty....