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Assessment @ West Wittering

Assessment takes many different forms at West Wittering Parochial CE Primary school from mini-quizzes in the classroom to identify that learning has taken place, to teacher judgements on how well children are achieving, through to end of term tests and national attainment tests. Assessments are part of school life here at West Wittering and are not something that the children are worried about, as we treat them all as opportunities to 'Show Off' what we can do and to help the teacher to learn what next to teach. The headteacher meets with each teacher termly to track and challenge the progress that each child is making, to ensure that every child is getting suitable provisions and are being given the best chance to succeed. 

What assessment does the school do?

Currently we do a mixture of internal and external assessments and these are:

  • Ongoing everyday 'Assessment for Learning', looking at how well our children are achieving and progressing in everyday learning 

  • Termly summative assessments at the end of each term to identify progress (reading, writing and maths) from children in Year 2 upwards 

  • End of year 'Teacher Assessment' for all year groups including EYFS

  • Ongoing teacher assessment (this is not a test, rather a judgement made by the teacher and is ongoing)

  •  Year 1 Phonics test, KS1 SAT tests, Yr 3&4 Times Tables Check and KS2 SAT tests

SATs Results - 

Last term, Summer 2022, we had a small cohort of 8 children in the year group due to a low birth year for the school. This means that the SAT results published do not qualify for national comparison and publication due to the statistical irrelevance of them. 

Please note, there are no formal test results for Summer 2020 and 2021 due to the Pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. All accountability and testing from this period was removed and SAT tests were cancelled. 

SATs Results - Historic (also included in green link above)


Assessments help me to get better at showing my learning and help my teachers to track my progress across the school. 

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