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Our curriculum is designed to be bespoke to the needs of our children and our local context. 

Our curriculum is owned by our school. It has been carefully crafted by our team of experienced teachers and leaders to reflect the needs of our children, whilst promoting exciting and engaging topics that the children cannot help but get excited by. Our curriculum is something that we are proud of. 

Each half term we have a featured Learning Journey which much of our learning is focused around. These learning journeys are either history focused, geography focused or are based on a really high quality text, to promote learning. They often provide the theming for some of the other subjects, such as English, Art, Drama and Design Technology. Each learning journey starts with a 'Hook' day that is often either a school trip or an in-school experience that is awe inspiring and designed to get the children excited to start learning. 

Some curriculum subjects have stand alone topics, we do not try to make these fit our learning journeys as we appreciate that they need to be delivered in a more effective way. Subjects such as Science, Computing, RE and PE all work through their own topics to ensure that we can develop skills over time, building a progressive curriculum in these areas. Subject leaders are responsible for long term mapping of these curriculum areas and ensuring that the children get full coverage in these areas, as part of their termly monitoring activities. 

Core Subjects:

Daily lessons take place throughout the school in English, Maths and Guided Reading. These sessions can at times be linked to the class learning journey, for example our Year 5/6 will tie in their Egyptians journey into English and will write biographies about Howard Carter. However, at times English will have stand alone topics, as this is the best way of ensuring the children meet all of their objectives as we do not want to make things 'fit', we want everything to have purpose.  

Learning Journey Maps

If you click on the images on the left they will take you to the class learning journey maps for each class, to show what the general topic based learning is all about. Click the links below to take you to the different curriculum subject pages. If you wish to find out more about a subject or topic, then please just come and see us or give us a call. 

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Academic Year 2022-23

Willow Class

Birch Class

Sycamore Class

Oak Class

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