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There is no such thing as a typical school day, as no two days are the same, but there are some similarities in terms of the structure of the day. Below you will see two examples of what a day may look like.

Typical School Day: Key Stage One

08:40 - Registration - start of the day activities

09:00 - English Lesson 

10:10 - Breaktime

10:30 - Maths lesson

11:30 - Guided Reading

12:00 - Lunchtime 

12:50 - Registration and Collective Worship

13:20 - Computing

14:15 - Topic Lesson

15:15 - Home time

Please note lessons vary on each day

The above illustrates rough timings for any given day. We offer a full, broad and balanced curriculum and so you will see a whole range of subjects on offer from PE to Science, from English to STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), from Topic to PSHE & RHE. 

Children in EYFS have a slightly less structured timetable, they have key breaks as above but the curriculum is delivered much more through self-initiated learning and continuous provision, which is much more effective at this developmental point in learning. The children here enjoy a play based learning approach and their environment provides this, enabling them to live out their learning in a whole host of different situations. 

The School Day

Typical School Day: Key Stage Two

08:40 - Registration - start of the day activities

09:00 - Teaching session One

10:10 - Breaktime

10:30 - Teaching session Two

12:00 - Lunchtime 

12:50 - Registration and Collective Worship

13:20 - Teaching session Three

14:20 - Teaching session Four

15:15 - Home time

Please note a teaching session may

not be a full hour, it could be more or less time. 

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