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Ofsted is the Inspectorate responsible for ensuring satisfactory standards in schools. We were most recently inspected in October 2022 and our overall effectiveness was assessed as ‘Good’. We are now awaiting our next OFSTED inspection under the new OFSTED inspection framework. Please take a few minutes to read our inspection report below or visit this website to see our list of reports. 

             2022 - Full Graded Ofsted Report (Latest Report)

             2017 Short Inspection report (Latest report)

             2013 Full Inspection Report 



You can compare our school performance, with that of other schools nationally, by visiting this website - click here

Oct 2022
We are officially a...

SIAMS - Church Inspection

‘Learners are enabled to flourish due to the exemplary commitment to develop each child as an individual loved by God’


We were delighted to receive our SIAMS inspection report in June 2023, in which we were judged as a‘Good’ school. The inspector spent the day really getting to know the school and made her final judgement after meeting with many different stakeholders. This result is a positive one given the changes to the framework and what you now need to do to be a good school. 


Please take a look at our full inspection here:

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