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Collective Worship

Collective worship happens daily after lunch and it gives us a moment to come together, to reflect and to learn from, and about,  many of the great teachings from the Bible about how we should live our lives. Each worship session is around 20mins in length and they are attended by the whole school. As a base structure we generally follow the ideas from 'Roots and Fruits' which is based on Christian worship, and gives us a framework of values to work from. Each term we study a 'value' and all worships and themes fall under that value exploring a different aspect of it.  These are Christian values that we believe are integral to our pupils developing their own core believes and integrity, so that they can life in all it's fullness.

             The format of the week goes like this. 

Monday - Introduce theme - Led by Headteacher

Tuesday - Continuation of theme - led by staff

Wednesday - Continuation of theme - Clergy Led

Thursday - Singing Worship - led by Mr Servant

Friday- Star Learner - led by Headteacher

Children play an important part in leading worship, from introducing daily worship and guests, through to saying prayers and leading some sessions either in small groups or as a class - some children are even responsible for monitoring and reviewing teacher led worship sessions, including the headteacher!


 Each half term we have a class led worship and the children produce and perform their own worship, linked to either the key value being studied, or a theme they have studied in class.


Where possible we get visitors in to talk to the children and lead worship, and on top of the worship plan that is set by our RE leader, Mrs Willson, we also have assemblies from the local library service, environmental organisations, sporting organisations and other relevant charities or groups. 

Whilst our themes are mostly Christian in distinction, they are very much suitable for all faiths and there will be some worships that look at different faiths, or even the odd assembly that is not based on a faith or religious value - rather we may be responding and reflecting on an important current affair. Where appropriate secular assemblies are incorporated.  

Our Values This Year Are:

Current Value

Last Years Values Were:

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