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Special Education Needs & Disability

West Wittering SEND Policy

Our school is all on a single level and is wheelchair accessible all round for all of our guests and visitors. The layout of the classrooms supports all of our learners, whether they have any physical impairment or disability. This is reviewed whenever we get a new child or a new class to ensure accessibility and we also have disabled parking arrangements for our families who need it.

For more information please see our accessibility policy on the policy page.  

Our provision takes into account Government regulations and guidelines for pupils with Special Educational Needs, including the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Equality Act 2010, and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

Supporting all our learners to be the best that they can be:

Supporting all children to achieve their very best is an integral part of what we do here at West Wittering Parochial C of E Primary School, no matter what a child's needs are. Our expectations for children with SEND are the same as any child and we are truly committed to ensuring that every child achieves their potential in all they do. We have very experienced staff who are well trained in supporting all learners, from those who find aspects of learning difficult due to their educational needs, to those that are particularly gifted and need to be further encouraged to achieve their potential. What matters to us is that ALL children are equally valued and suitably challenged.

Mrs Bowman is our SENDCo and is very experienced in all that she does. Liaising with staff, TA's, outside agencies and other practitioners, is all part of her role in ensuring that our focus remains on all children making the expected level of progress, no matter what their starting point may be. Mrs Bowman is class based, but has specialist time on a Thursday morning to monitor, track and assess the children who are on our SEN register. 

How do children with a SEND get support?

Much of the support that we offer comes from Quality First Teaching and effective differentiation, but sometimes there are things above and beyond that we need to do to allow some learners to access the curriculum. We deliver support in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of the individual, so support looks different for different people, but some examples are:

  • TA's working in class with children to support learning

  • Intervention groups for children to develop skills outside of the classroom

  • Specialist support from external agencies

  • Access to specific tools/equipment that are needed to assist with learning e.g. sensory equipment 

  • Additional time given to deliver Pre-teaching

  • and many others

To find out more about our SEND provision then please take a look at our SEND policy and SEND information report, which can be found below. Alternatively give us a call here at school and we will be happy to talk to you some more.

To discuss any specific SEND requirements, please contact Mrs Bowman on:
01243 513015
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