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We are all God's children, are all unique and here at school we value this. Our older children are great role models for behaviour and they embrace the chance to work and play with some of our youngest children.  

We value that school is a learning environment and sometimes we make mistakes with our behaviour. When this happens we respond to this is a variety of ways, but always promptly and proactively.

Respect, forgiveness, honesty and courage are all qualities that we use to discuss the behaviour in our school and to help the children learn. It is important that we resect each other, that we forgive others for their mistakes, but most importantly that we learn from it.  

Our code of conduct is explained through our Golden Rules, which we have deliberately kept to a minimum, highlighting positive actions. Our philosophy is more broadly reflected in the approach we set out in our home school agreement which we sign up to, together with parents. The school also has a behaviour policy which supports pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and develop an understanding of the impact of their behaviour on others.  Individual strengths and weaknesses and individual rates of development are recognised and parents are involved at an early stage if a child’s behaviour causes concern. If behaviour is causing serious concern and affecting other pupils or staff, the Headteacher will contact parents, and agree on strategies which will be put in place to support a change in behaviour.

The school behaviour policy includes sections on Anti-Bullying and Racist Incidents. The school has clear procedures in place to investigate alleged bullying or alleged racist incidents. This school is proactive in its approach and will do everything possible to prevent physical, verbal or other abuse which may cause distress to a child or group of children.

In extreme cases, the Headteacher reserves the right to suspend or ultimately to exclude the pupil from the school, in accordance with Local Authority procedures.

 We remind ourselves of expected behaviour on a regular basis and everyone involved in the school community plays an active part in ensuring these guidelines (Golden Rules) are followed, and that expectations for behaviour are consistently high.

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