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The governing body are key stakeholders in our school and it is their responsibility to ensure that the school has a clear and effective strategic direction for the school moving forward. The Governing Body are made up of a variety of different people from different walks or life, and that is what makes them such a valuable asset. The Governing Body delegate the operational running of the school to the headteacher and they then meet approximately every 7 weeks, to discuss how the school is running and where the school is going. 

Governors are all volunteers and give up their time to make sure our school is the best it can be. The constitution of the governors can be seen below, but they are made up of people from finance, education, ex-Ofsted inspectors, Business/entrepreneurs, Local business, charitable trusts and many others. It is this breadth that gives us a great Governing body. Many governors are also members of our FSP, which is the 'Finance, Staffing and Premises' committee, which meet approximately 4 times a year. 

Our Governors:

Chair of Governors
Mrs. L. Handford


Mr. N. Matthews

Parent Governors
Mrs. J. Splude

Mr. T. Evans

Local Authority Governor
Mrs S. Hadley

Co-opted Governors

Mr. M. Ambrose

Mrs. L. Handford

Mrs. H. Hope

Mrs. A. Small

Foundation Governors
Father J. Swindells

Staff Governor
Mr. R. Weston

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