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COvid-19 Remote Learning

Since July 2021 the rules and guidance regarding school closures has changed. The need for mixing bubbles has been removed and there has been a general movement towards getting school back to normal. As a school we have followed  this guidance, whilst also taking a more precautionary approach in some areas. There are lots of parts of the previous lockdowns that we are keeping, in order to protect all of our children and staff.


Some of our current precautions include:

  • Maintaining regular hand washing/sanitsing throughout the day

  • Good respiratory hygiene follow the key principles of 'Catch It, Bin it, Kill it'

  • Well ventilated classrooms and office spaces where possible

  • Reducing the flow of visitors to essential visits only

  • Asking external adults to still wear masks for any meetings/tours of the school

  • Ongoing enhanced cleaning of classrooms twice daily using household chemicals to kill bacteria

  • Not allowing children with symptoms to attend school, sending home anyone with symptoms

  • Use of PPE if necessary, such as the administration of 1st Aid due to the proximity

  • Some of our parent meetings will still be held online.



Risk Assessment

Before retuning to school we carry out a thorough risk assessment for children and staff returning into the building after the summer. This looks at both the risks presented by the school itself, as well as Covid. All staff also undergo a risk assessment. The risk assessment for this current time is below. Please feel free to take a look.  


Close Contacts:

The rules on when to stay at home and when to come to school have now changed. The guidance for schools, set by the Government, now state that any children under the age of 18years and 6months, no longer has to self isolate in the event of being a close contact. This means, that if your child has been around someone with Covid, or living with someone with Covid, then they are still fine to come into school, assuming that they have had a PCR tests to confirm they are not asymptomatic. Once this PCR tests has come back negative they may return to school, but we do ask you to inform of what has been happening, just so we know. 


If your child has symptoms then they MUST stay at home and get a PCR test. The easily available LFD tests are not designed to test if you have symptoms, nor if you are confirming they are clear after being aclose contact - these must be done with PCr tests due to the level of accuracy. 

Home Learning 

If your child is forced to isolate then we will offer home learning to these children. Day 1-2 of this will be work set by the teacher and will be more generic in terms of age appropriate work. From day 3 onwards the children will be offered different options, based upon age and class, but ultimately they will be set work that they are missing due to being at home. This will be for a minimum of 3 hours EYFS/KS1 and 4 hrs KS2, per day. For some lessons your child may be expected to log in and join in live, for others it may be videos, but whatever it looks like, it will be accessing the curriculum they are missing. This work will be set by MS Teams and information about thsi will come out when necessary. 

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