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Mr Weston and four children from Oak class (Sasha, Harry, Joshua & Maddox) have started a new Podcast club, as part of or after school club offering. They work in school, and after school, to put together a very fun podcast called 'The Super Slay Podcast'. I am pleased to announce episode one has now been released and it is a great edition. Please take a listen to the episode below and if you would like to share any feedback then we would love to hear it. 

Please give the club your honest feedback using the form to the right, you feedback is highly valued to make the podcasts even better. 

Super_Slay_Podcast_Ep01Artist Name
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School Podcast Club

Please share your feedback with us on Episode 1
How often do you listen to Podcasts?
How likely are you to listen to episode 2 when it is released?
Please rate your enjoyment of Podcast 1
Did not enjoyI guess it was okIt was goodVery goodBrilliant

Thanks for sharing! We look forward to reading this!

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