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Podcast club started last September and the children have been working hard to developing their skills of presenting and designing and collecting content. The group has grown slightly and we have some new members of the group now, so I am pleased to announce that we are officially releasing episode 2 below. Please listen to this excellent episode, the second in a limited series of 3 and watch this space for the final edition, which should be here very soon. 

We would love your feedback, so please do take a minute to fill out the form on the right- the children will hear all of your feedback and it does help to develop the podcasts. 

Episode 2

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Episode 1

Super_Slay_Podcast_Ep01Artist Name
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School Podcast Club

Please share your feedback with us on Episode 2
How often do you listen to Podcasts?
How likely are you to listen to episode 3 when it is released?
Please rate your enjoyment of Podcast 1
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Thanks for sharing! We look forward to reading this!

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